Viewing Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and Certificates of Analysis (COA)

You need to register as an eBusiness Partner in order to view or print an MSDS/COA, order products, or update your product codes. If you need assistance with registering, go to Register

Finding and Viewing an MSDS:

  1. From the Univar USA homepage, click the eBusiness Login Go button at the top of the page.
  2. Enter your User ID and Password, and click Login.
  3. Click the MSDS/COA tab at the top of the page. the MSDS/COA page appears. You may search for a product or select one from the previously ordered product list.
  4. Click the MSDS link in the MSDS column to view the MSDS for a specified product. The MSDS will open in a new browser session from which you can view, save, and print the MSDS.

Finding and Viewing a COA:

  1. From the MSDS/COA page, locate the product for which you want to view the COA.
  2. Type the COA Lot Number in the Enter COA Lot# field and click Go.

Searching for Products:

  • Type a product name, Univar Product Code, your Customer Product Code, or the MSDS number in the Search Product List field and click Search Product List. A list of products matching your request will display.